Alternative Browsers for linux

These are 13 alternatives for Linux. If you google around you’ll find other similar lists, but the ones on my list are actually working, are in relatively active development as of June 1st 2009 and / or has a future. I’m not going to bother arranging this in any particular order, so here it is, all in one go.

  1. Arora – Small, lightweight, buggy
  2. Swiftfox – Big, Bloated, but faster then it’s siblings. Has a cooler logo
  3. Flock – Social stuff which can be cool when you’re surfing youtube or facebook
  4. Chromium – Fast. Buggy. Google.
  5. Opera – Not open source but Free (as in beer), innovative, fast, killer looks
  6. Konqueror – neah~ fits in nicely with kde
  7. Epiphany – neah~ fits in nicely with gnome
  8. Galeon – neah~ fits in nicely with gnome. Pretty light.
  9. Seamonkey – Big Bloated web stuff. Not just a browser
  10. Kazehakase – lightweight, buggy, JS sucks, keeps segfaulting…. but I see hope.
  11. Amaya – The best tool I’ve found for debugging xhtml pages / and XML. I wouldn’t actually browse with this unless I’m debugging something.
  12. elinks – OH YEAH!!
  13. wget – Don’t gimme that crap about it not being a browser. Just try recursive mode, and THEN browse.
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