K/Ubuntu for Developers

There are important packages that don’t come default with kubuntu which I would need for development. So after setting up a new installation of Kubuntu this is what I’d do:

sudo aptitude install openssh-server build-essential vim kdesvn mysql-server-5.0

These are needed as of kubuntu 9.04 – Jaunty and as you can see installs:

  • openssh-server – which will immediately listen on port 22
  • build-essential – compilers, etc
  • vim – because I don’t like using vi
  • kdesvn – Cuz can be easier to diff my devels
  • mysql-server – well… i need it and Mysql 5.1 does not have great reviews.

Even if you don’t want kdesvn, I’d take kompare any day. The best diff front end for KDE. Although kdiff3 (sudo aptitude install kdiff3) isn’t too bad.

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