Installing CDT as a plugin in Eclipse.

This is only relevant if you already have Eclipse IDE, perhaps for developing Java, and you want the relevant C/C++ development plugins. If you are only developing on C/C++, you could just as easily download CDT in a standalone IDE right here

The following is an alternative, which only installs the relevant CDT plugins.

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Help > Install New Software > “Available Software Sites” > “Add”
  3. Name: CDT, Location: > OK
  4. Now you’re back to the Available Software popup, the first label at the top says “Work With”. Click the drop-down, select CDT (or “All”. Whatever)
  5. Select the relevant C/C++ tools.

Other plugins you might find useful:
Git stuff:
Linux Tools – Valgrind, Gprof, etc:

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