Hishammuddin can help with Perception

The claim: crime rates are low. They are only perceived to be high.

There’s an easy way to improve perception of Crime Hishammuddin Hussein. You have a 19 year old daughter correct? Let her walk around different shopping mall parking lots after 10pm. Let her walk through the city center after 11pm. Without police escorts, and all that jazz. If you’re worried about the fact that she may be recognised as your daughter which will mean higher security risk, well then, that’s just your perception. Why should the reality affect your perception but not ours? Wash, rinse, repeat in Johore, Penang, or wherever else one month at a time.

If you’re willing to do this, then the rakyat have nothing much to say really. There will be nothing more for you or the Police to prove as far as perception vs reality is concerned.

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