Food in San Jose

For those of you attending events in San Jose Convention Centre, here are some suggestions for food in the downtown area:

  1. Vero’s Coffee, SoFA Market. Best coffee in the downtown area. I love the Mexican Mocha
  2. Voltaire’s Coffee.
  3. Deluxe. Good for breakfast
  4. SoFA Market is also home to other reasonable eats like Hawaiian Poke Bowl and On The Flipside.
  5. Good Karma. Cheap good vegan food.
  6. Ipoh Garden. Malaysian food. I’m Malaysian and biased.
  7. SA-By Thai. Main draw: it’s open late.
  8. Hanuman Thai food.
  9. Punjab Cafe. Indian food
  10. Angelou’s Mexican Grill
  11. John’s XLNT foods. It’s about a 10 minute drive away, but it’s one of my favourite restaurants in San Jose ever.

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