Decoding the Female Lingo Part 1 – Requirements

10. “Must have good sense of humor” – No I will not pull your finger
9. “Must be sensitive” – Jokes about me are off-limits.
8. “Has to be able to take care of me” – Must be rich
7. “Must be a good listener” – I talk a lot, you shouldn’t.
6. “Must be a good conversationist” – Must be a good listener.
5. “Must have nice bod” – Must be a jock
4. “Must be intelligent” – Must not be a jock
3. “Must not be a smart-ass” – Must be intelligent, but not more intelligent than me
2. “Must be understanding” – Must be a mind reader
1. “Don’t assume what I mean” – Must not be too good a mind reader

P.S. Ladies please don’t kill me (read: “please dont castrate me”)

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