Big Bad Wolf Sale

Getting there:
If you’re taking the KL-seremban highway, take the Serdang / UPM exit. You will reach a cross junction, go straight and there will be a turning to the left. There will be a sign for ‘MARDI’. Mardi is your friend and your best bet for an available signboard.

Go on straight until the end where it will be a T-junction (where you will need to turn left or right). Turn right. Past that point it’s all pretty blurry to me. Look for signboards for MAEPS and find a parking spot. A bus will (should) take you from the parking lots to the sales.


buying the books:
The organizers provide boxes. Bring your bags and save on the plastic bags. A luggage you can roll around would probably be best. Most of the books are properly categorized right. The books in huge quantities and possible crowd favorites are still stored on the pallets.

There were however a crapload of unsorted books. Big mistake on the part of the organizers I think. Wouldn’t waste my timeĀ  on these.

In a nutshell:
Good: Lots of payment lines. Friendly well trained staff. Customer service booth with space to store your books, so you don’t need to lug them around. And of course you can’t argue with the prices.

Bad: A DJ convincing you you’re lucky to be buying books at 70% off. Not the best collection of books. The one in KLCC was better.

Ugly: Credit Card salesmen from OCBC pestering you into applying for a credit card. No signboards or directions to the damn place. It’s in the middle of fuckin nowhere, the least you can do is to have sign-boards.



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