Benchmarking Google DNS from Malaysia

I’m pitting 4 DNS servers against each other:
1. My ISP (TMnet)
2. Level 3
3. Open DNS
4. Google DNS

The aim: to resolve (from ubuntu: time resolveip

The results:

TMnet ( – Inconsistent count but averages 30ms

Level 3 ( – Rather consistent 450ms

OpenDNS ( – Rather Consistent 350ms

Google DNS ( – Inconsistent count between 70ms to 250ms. A good average is 150ms

So what does that say?

As expected you’re better off with your ISP’s DNS any day. However in the event that you need to override that settings and use a 3rd party DNS Server, you’ll have better luck with Google as opposed to Level3 or OpenDNS. I’m ignoring such items as Evel Google Overlords knowing which porn sites you visit.

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